Band, By-Pass, or Sleeve? That is the Question…

Choosing which bariatric surgery is right for you can depend on a wide variety of things. One surgery is right for every individual. You will speak with your doctor and educate yourself on the different options available to you and then make a decision.

I’ve changed my mind on this a few times but I think I’ve finally made a decision.

So in the beginning of my research I wanted the gastric-band. I figured it was the least invasive and reversible if needed. But after seeing how it was put in your stomach and that there was constantly a pump that need to be filled or adjusted, I changed my mind. Further research lead me to hearing stories of slippage of the band… that’s when your stomach could slip up through the band and be really painful. Eek. That was just not for me.

Then I thought, well, the sleeve is less drastic of a biological change than the gastric-bypass, so I’m going to get that done. And there really wasn’t anything that scared me off of the sleeve. I think it is a great choice but I believe the benefits of the gastric by-pass out weigh those of the sleeve, for me.

After scouring the internet, going to the seminar at St. Agnes Hospital, and speaking with my nutritionist, I have decided that I want the RNY gastric-bypass surgery. All of these sources say that research has shown that it is more effective, especially for patients who have PCOS (which I have) or diabetes. Gastric by-pass works by creating a little pouch out of the upper stomach and attaching your small intestine to it. This way, when you eat food you get restriction (your new pouch is around the same size as a walnut) and malabsorption (caused by re-routing your intestines). See the video below for a short animation of what the surgery is.

What I’ve found from my research:

  • Gastric by-pass is the most common bariatric surgery performed in the US.
  • Long-term data shows that it is more effective than sleeve or band
  • It is the recommended surgery for patients with diabetes, insulin resistance, and/or PCOS
  • It has 2 methods to reduce calories: malabsorption and restriction

Sure, each surgery has different risks or possible complications, but after much debate, I believe that gastric by-pass is the best choice for me.


2 thoughts on “Band, By-Pass, or Sleeve? That is the Question…

  1. This is my problem at the moment. I asked my GP for a band referral, but after looking into it more, it might not be the best for me. Too many choices! I also like the malabsorption and restrictive. Do you have a date for your surgery yet?

    • Not yet. I finished up all the stuff I needed to today (met with the surgeon, the psychologist, and had an ultra sound on my gallbladder). Next week after the psychologist sends in her report they are putting my packet through to insurance. I’m so excited right now I can’t sleep! They said it could be done by the end of February if insurance is fast! Eeekk!

      If you are unsure, talk to your doc more and do tons of research online. If you have any preexisting conditions (like PCOS or diabetes) they say bypass is better. Just ask lots of questions and they’ll find your ‘glass slipper’ surgery! 🙂

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