15 Days of Excitement… Day 7

Do any of you recognize the woman pictured below? She is in my absolutely favorite movie of all time… TITANIC!!! 🙂 I think it’s just the most amazing love story ever told and so tragic. And did I mention how SEXY Leo is in that movie? Major heart swoon!

Anyway… you may be wondering what the heck ‘Rose Dawson Calvert’ (her name at that point in the movie) has to do with my ‘Days of Excitement’?!?! Well that is a simple one. When she dies at the end, she is over 100 years old. She has lived this long amazing life. A life full of happiness and adventure… of laughing and love. You can see it in all the pictures she lugs around with her everywhere she goes. I want that to be me.

Rose Dawson Calvert from Titanic

Day 7: Live Longer

Today’s topic is a longer life. A longer, happier, and more fulfilling life. A life where I can enjoy every moment with family and friends. This surgery will help me to eliminate the weight barriers and improve my health. It will allow me (if I stick with the program… which I totally plan on doing!) to overcome the biggest obstacle that holds me back in so many ways. And I will be like Rose Dawson… doing all the things in life I have ever dreamed of and so much more. I will live to be much much older (I’d love to be over 100 if I’m still healthy then). The only difference between her and I is that I wouldn’t be crazy enough to drop that beautiful diamond into the ocean in the end.

To all of you pre-ops (or even post-ops) out there – remember why we are doing this… to get healthy and to extend our life expectancy. It’s time to start enjoying those extra years, now! 🙂

… and I just have to add a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic so I can swoon a little more. Now I have to go watch this movie! Leonardo DiCaprio - Titanic



15 Days of Excitement… Day 8

Today’s topic has me extremely excited because it is almost the season for them…

Day 8: Roller Coasters

roller coaster

I love amusement parks. My sisters and I used to get season passes every year to the local Six Flags America in Maryland. Each year I’ve been more and more nervous going to these amusement parks though. I’ve been to a few the last couple of years and have had some really close calls. My probably is that I am at the point where I barely fit into the roller coasters.

A few more pounds and there will be no way those things will close… especially the ones that close from overhead because both my belly and arms are too big. My hips barely fit into roller coasters and other rides too. I know that it could have been this year to be the year where I didn’t fit. Where I would have had to do that embarrassing walk of shame after being kicked off the ride for being too big. I know some people don’t think this is that big of a deal but it really is. To spend all that money to go to an amusement park just to find out you can’t fit on anything and have to be the bad holder. Not cool.

I am EXTREMELY excited that I will have my surgery before “amusement park season” and I should be small enough by then to fit comfortably on each ride. Below are some of my favorite amusement parks. I cannot wait to go back there in my transformed body and not have to worry about ‘what if I don’t fit’ anymore. 🙂

Universal Studios - Orlando, FL Hershey Park - Hershey, PA
Busch Gardens - Williamsburg, VA Disney World - Orlando, FL


Update & Week 1 Liquid Diet Weigh In

I was going to wait until I did my video tonight but I can’t… I’m just too darn excited.

First you probably want to hear about the numbers…

  • In December 2012 was my highest recorded weight at 251 lbs.
  • Last Wednesday 2/20/13 I weighed in at 244.8
  • This morning I weigh 234.5 lbs!!!

Loss this week: 10.3 lbs.
Total Loss: 16.5 lbs

I was floored when I saw that number on the scale. And extremely thrilled. Which means I accomplished my personal goal of the 10 lbs I wanted to lose on the liquid diet. My new goals are: Realistic goal – Be 230 lbs on morning of surgery. Dream goal – To be 225 lbs by morning of surgery. So, we shall see what all my hard work comes down to.

I was going to do a video this morning but I overslept and didn’t want to be any later for work. I will post a video tonight that will discuss the following topics:

  • Liquid Diet: Week 1 Review
  • Goal for Week 2 Liquid Diet
  • Weight Progress
  • Overview of my Pre-Op Class I took on Tuesday
  • Feelings about surgery

Sorry for the really long video. I had a lot of topics to cover and didn’t keep track of time. Future videos will be much shorter… promise!


15 Days of Excitement… Day 9

Eek! We are into the single digits for the countdown now. How exciting! This morning I went to my pre-op class with the nurse who discussed things to expect on the day of surgery and our hospital stay. I am going to try and make a video tomorrow night with info on this in it and my weigh in! 🙂

Day 9: More Energy & Feeling Good

Do you feel good?I’ve heard from quite a few people that after surgery you just get this boost of energy. That you can’t stop moving because you have so much of it. And as you lose the weight, you tire less often since you are becoming more physically fit. I just cannot wait for that. To have the energy of a child… to tire out me niece and nephews instead of them tiring me out. To do lots of physical activities and feel good instead of exhausted. I foresee a very fun future for me.

I am also excited about the feeling this gives you… like a ‘runner’s high’. It’s invigorating (or at least I imagine so). I imagine it feels like a warm summer day (that you have off work). The sun is shining and you have nothing in particular on your agenda for the day but to enjoy it. It’s a GREAT feeling.

Beach Cartwheels


Before Pictures

It’s really hard for me to put these pics online because they make me feel ashamed for letting it get this bad (especially that back picture). But everyone needs a starting point. Now that those are out there, I must work extra hard to change the body in those images. I will take these kind of pictures once a month, starting the day of my surgery (though the day may change).

Before Pictures Taken on 2/25/13
Left Side Front View
Right Back

Here is a collage I just threw together of random pictures of me throughout 2011 and 2012. I’m hoping 2013-2014 will bring a big change.


15 Days of Excitement… Day 10

Today’s topic is one which I really LOVE! And I think many of you will appreciate too.

Also, I cannot believe surgery is only 10 days out! So excited! 🙂

Day 10: Wearing Cute Boots, Heels, and Other Shoes


Boots How many of you love the fall & winter fashion of wearing boots? Boots with dress. Boots with leggings. Boots with jeans. Boots with skirts. All types of boots. I just adore boots. I especially like the mid-calf boots that I cannot wear. 😦 My calves are too wide to wear these unless I get them from a plus-size store where they have a small selection. I cannot wait to be able to go into a normal shoe store (like Journey’s) and buy cute boots for the winter. My birthday is in September and my treat to myself is going to be a nice pair of boots from the ‘skinny shoe store’.


Pink High Heels High heels are another evil contraption when it comes to being overweight. Those gorgeous thin heels do not offer much support (let alone balance) when you are carrying an extra 100lbs. I’m excited for the day when walking in heels becomes easy (at least easier) and isn’t as painful. I want to wear these bright pink, sparkly high heels and rock the town!

Other Shoes

dcshoes I wear flats and tennis shoes a lot and I love them because they are so comfortable. However, I want to be able to wear cute versions of these shoes which typically do not come in the wide-width versions my feet require. I want to be able to walk up, pick out a size 9 and it fit perfectly without requiring me to go up sizes to fit the width. I love shoes, like many girls and I cannot wait to fully exploit the opportunity to shop to my heart’s content.

15 Days of Excitement… Day 11

Today the weather is feeling mighty fine so I’m going to make this post short. I’m going to the park with my sister, 2 nephews, and niece. I can’t wait. We are going to walk a loop around the park which is 3 miles. Get in a little exercise on this nice day. 🙂

Day 11: Pictures and Videos

TakingPicture I cannot wait until I feel comfortable to do candid videos or pictures. Right now I really do not like people taking random pictures of me. Sometimes they look a hot mess… especially if it’s angled bad. When I lose enough of the weight to look decent in photos and not just some fluffy girl, I will be thrilled! 🙂

Speaking of photos, I’m going to ask my room mate to take my before shots tonight or tomorrow. So stand by for those.