15 Days of Excitement… Day 15

I’m way to excited to wait another week to post so I’ve decided to create a “count-down” posting series. In 15 days (if you count today), I will be going in for my surgery. I can almost think of nothing else. Not homework. Not work. Not activities. I’m just WAY too excited.

The Plan

I plan to post one thing I’m excited for after surgery per day until the day of surgery. I am going to order them from my least excited thing (though still exciting) on day 15 (today) to the thing I’m most excited about (on the day of surgery).

Day 15: No Longer Revolving My Life Around Food

I currently plan my day around what’s for each meal and what delicious foods I was going to stuff in my face. I think about it when I’m not eating and sometimes fantasize about what I’m going to have later. It’s pretty disgusting. I know it’s going to take a lot of mental work on my behalf but I am extremely excited for when that day comes… the day when I start “Eating to Live” and not “Living to Eat”.

Food Obsession



3 thoughts on “15 Days of Excitement… Day 15

  1. Just caught up with your blog, moving forward really fast now. That’s what I love about your country, you get medical treatment so fast. My first appointment is tomorrow, but I’m still going to be ages away. Althoguh I don’t think I would like living without the NHS.

    Hope you’re enjoying your liquids! :/ lol

    • Yes! It really is moving pretty fast for me. I am so grateful for that. There are a lot of people who have been on this journey for a year with the hospitals. It’s only been a little over a month for me. NHS? What’s that?

      Liquids! Bleh! The worst part about it is I know that I’m going to be on liquids for a month (2 weeks before surgery and 2 weeks after). A month until I can eat mushy foods. Then another week or two until I get solids! Just gotta stay focused on the final goal. 🙂

  2. Goodness a month, that is so quick. Yes the end goal will be so worth it, so stick with it! The good thing is you may not want anything else after surgery so the hard part will be these two weeks before, but the surgery coming sooner every day might just keep you going and motivated.

    NHS is National Health Service in the UK. We don’t have insurances here, it’s all free, though you can go private and pay for things if you’re rich!

    I went to my first meeting today, and it should take eight months to get to the operation now I’m on the way.. lol so much longer than you!

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