2 Week Pre-Op Liquid Diet

Eeek! Surgery is only 2 weeks away. I started my required 2 week liquid diet today that is supposed to cause my liver to shrink to make surgery easier for me and the surgeon. Then the insurance coordinator contacted me mid-day and told me that my surgery is getting pushed back until March 6th (only one day later). Since I was having a rough day, I decided to eat a real dinner for my last meal of the day instead of another protein shake. So, I am calling today, Day 0. It was my practice run for my liquid diet. I did 2.5 shakes today. I couldn’t finish that 3rd shake (which I discuss below in the ‘Day 0 Verdict’ section).

I know each program uses different rules for their liquid diets but I’m going to explain what my program requires…


  1. Drink 1 protein shake every 4 hours (4-5 shakes a day)
  2. Take either “One A Day” or “Centrum Complete” twice a day OR start your bariatric vitamins (which is what I’m doing).
  3. You may drink any 10-15 calorie or less fluids in-between protein shakes. Below are listed the “acceptable” items that fall into this category.

10-15 Calorie or Less Containing Fluids

  • Crystal Light, Crystal Light Hydration “Pure”
  • Totally Light to Go packs (made with Splenda) and sugar free Hawaiian punk to go packs
  • Diet Snapple, Diet Green Tea from Lipton
  • All flavored waters that DO NOT contain vitamins or carbonation.
  • Diet V8 Splash, Diet Ocean Spray
  • Minute Maid Light Lemonade, Diet Sobe, Sugar-free Kool-Aid (with a sugar substitute)
  • Low fat vegetable, beef, or chicken broth
  • Decaffeinated Tea/Coffee with sugar substitutes
  • Sugar-free Jello, Sugar-free Popsicles
  • Powerade Zero



Day 0 Verdict

This diet is going to take some getting used to. I’ve already been grossed out twice today with the protein shakes. However, I have found that I do like mixing the vanilla or chocolate protein powder with milk. But I haven’t really gotten into the other flavors just yet.

  1. For lunch I use the Unjury Chicken Broth flavored packet and mixed it with water. Last time I used this kind, I heated up the water first and measured the temperature with the thermometer that came with my Unjury sample pack. When the water was 130 degrees, I mixed in the powder and it mixed fairly well with a few chunks that turned into an egg like texture. Today I thought I’d outsmart the protein powder by mixing it with cool water, shaking it up until it’s dissolved all the way, then heating that water up. Let’s just say that was an EPIC FAIL. It came out looking like egg-drop soup, which grosses me out big time. As it cooled I kept stiring it up, praying it would mix better and drank it anyway. The flavor wasn’t bad but the texture was just icky! Follow the temperature instructions… They are there for a reason.
  2. Secondly… I mixed unflavored Unjury into a water bottle I had filled with water and a Wild Strawberry Walmart brand ‘Crystal Lite’ packet. This made me want to vomit. I tried this same combo last week with the strawberry Unjury powder and it tasted exactly the same. And the unflavored smells horrible. So I’m hoping that it’s just that combo that doesn’t mix well and not the unflavored Unjury because I just bought a whole tub of that kind.
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