15 Days of Excitement… Day 8

Today’s topic has me extremely excited because it is almost the season for them…

Day 8: Roller Coasters

roller coaster

I love amusement parks. My sisters and I used to get season passes every year to the local Six Flags America in Maryland. Each year I’ve been more and more nervous going to these amusement parks though. I’ve been to a few the last couple of years and have had some really close calls. My probably is that I am at the point where I barely fit into the roller coasters.

A few more pounds and there will be no way those things will close… especially the ones that close from overhead because both my belly and arms are too big. My hips barely fit into roller coasters and other rides too. I know that it could have been this year to be the year where I didn’t fit. Where I would have had to do that embarrassing walk of shame after being kicked off the ride for being too big. I know some people don’t think this is that big of a deal but it really is. To spend all that money to go to an amusement park just to find out you can’t fit on anything and have to be the bad holder. Not cool.

I am EXTREMELY excited that I will have my surgery before “amusement park season” and I should be small enough by then to fit comfortably on each ride. Below are some of my favorite amusement parks. I cannot wait to go back there in my transformed body and not have to worry about ‘what if I don’t fit’ anymore. 🙂

Universal Studios - Orlando, FL Hershey Park - Hershey, PA
Busch Gardens - Williamsburg, VA Disney World - Orlando, FL



3 thoughts on “15 Days of Excitement… Day 8

  1. I think you and i are soul sisters lol. I love adjustment parks but it has been some time sense i was comfortable or fit. I can’t wait to be able to do it again. Ahhhhhhhgggghhhhhhhh so exciting

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