15 Days of Excitement… Day 7

Do any of you recognize the woman pictured below? She is in my absolutely favorite movie of all time… TITANIC!!! 🙂 I think it’s just the most amazing love story ever told and so tragic. And did I mention how SEXY Leo is in that movie? Major heart swoon!

Anyway… you may be wondering what the heck ‘Rose Dawson Calvert’ (her name at that point in the movie) has to do with my ‘Days of Excitement’?!?! Well that is a simple one. When she dies at the end, she is over 100 years old. She has lived this long amazing life. A life full of happiness and adventure… of laughing and love. You can see it in all the pictures she lugs around with her everywhere she goes. I want that to be me.

Rose Dawson Calvert from Titanic

Day 7: Live Longer

Today’s topic is a longer life. A longer, happier, and more fulfilling life. A life where I can enjoy every moment with family and friends. This surgery will help me to eliminate the weight barriers and improve my health. It will allow me (if I stick with the program… which I totally plan on doing!) to overcome the biggest obstacle that holds me back in so many ways. And I will be like Rose Dawson… doing all the things in life I have ever dreamed of and so much more. I will live to be much much older (I’d love to be over 100 if I’m still healthy then). The only difference between her and I is that I wouldn’t be crazy enough to drop that beautiful diamond into the ocean in the end.

To all of you pre-ops (or even post-ops) out there – remember why we are doing this… to get healthy and to extend our life expectancy. It’s time to start enjoying those extra years, now! 🙂

… and I just have to add a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic so I can swoon a little more. Now I have to go watch this movie! Leonardo DiCaprio - Titanic



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