15 Days of Excitement… Day 4

Day 4: Clothing

Pink Dress I am SO excited for this topic! I love clothing now. I shop at Torrid a lot and absolutely love their clothing which is made for plus size girls. But I cannot wait to wear different types of clothing that didn’t look too appealing beforehand. For example: sleeveless shirts, leggings, bandage dresses, a two piece bathing suit, short skirts, the little black dress, and so much more. I want to wear these and look good in them.

Formal and business attire are so uncomfortable now. All of you know those pants that are buttoned up to your belly button and can be so uncomfortable. When I’m smaller I’m thinking these types of clothing will be much more bearable. I am looking forward to the day when I can wear these and they look and feel good to wear.



One thought on “15 Days of Excitement… Day 4

  1. I shop at Torrid a lot too and will be glad when I can expand my horizons. I shop at JCP quite a bit since they did their overhaul and have a lot of cute things but you get what you pay for. While I am not paying a lot for the clothing, pieces don’t hold up very well.

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