Week 3 Post-Op

Just a little update. I had a stall most of this week that was driving me nuts. The nurse said it was normal around this time and to keep doing what I’m doing and put the scale away. I normally weigh myself everyday but I’m going to work on only weighing myself 1-2 times a week instead.

I’ve been getting in my 64 ounces of fluids and walking in but I’ve been lacking on the protein a little bit. Most days I get my protein in but some days I’ve been having trouble. I haven’t really been in the mood to eat lately and sometimes forget that it’s time to eat… unless I smell my roommates cooking something good (that I can’t have).

Highest Weight (Jan 3, 2013): 251.6 lbs

Day of Surgery (Mar 6, 2013): 231.5 lbs

Three Weeks Post-Op (Mar 27, 2013): 218.2 lbs



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