Motivational Monday – 4/01/2013

Hi everyone! 🙂 It feels like it’s been forever since I wrote on here. This past week feels like it has been the longest week ever. I’ve been really busy with a DBMS project for school. So far 33 pages of SQL code and about 24 pages of the presentation paper and I’m not even 1/2 way done yet. I will definitely be happy when this semester is over with. And kudos to those of you, fellow nerds, who know what I’m talking about without looking it up. Hehe. 🙂

Anyways, today’s motivational Monday is all about PATIENCE… the one thing I do not have.


These past two weeks have really been frustrating me. The first two weeks I lost about 5 pounds a week. Then last week only 2.5. This week has been really slow too. I have only weighed myself once (yesterday) but I’m not much farther down than I was. It’s really annoying. I know I just need to stick with the program and up my protein and the rest will come naturally… but the waiting is KILLING me!

I found the above motivational image/quote that describes exactly how I’m feeling and to remind me that I’m only human. That we are all different yet all the same. No matter what our obstacles are, we will hit many along our journey to greatness. What defines us is how we deal with these obstacles. Do we give in? Or do we overcome? That choice is all our own. As for me, I plan to keep trudging on, hoping that if I do what I’m supposed to, I will see the results I want and learn patience along the way.

Happy Motivational Monday everyone! Don’t lose sight of your end goal. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – 4/01/2013

    • Thanks! I’m glad it helps other people too. This is not going to be an easy journey and I think it’s important to find ways or things that keep us focused and motivated along the way. 🙂

      As for school, I don’t have to actually go to class. This semester is just one big project I do on my own. Kind of like an independent study and it’s due May 1st. But I am back to work (and they sure let it pile up in my absence).

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