Motivational Monday – 4/22/2013

This Motivational Monday couldn’t have come at a better time. A little while ago, a friend of mine posted this on my Facebook page. I thought it was great and have to share it.


I am still waiting for my 7 week check up (that’s this Thursday) but I have started “running” a little. Yesterday I wanted to visit my friend in the hospital. She had her little baby girl but wanted to get my walk in beforehand.

I did my normal 3.5 mile loop around the neighborhood and park but was trying to finish it a little faster than normal. I added a little “running” using geographical markers (like light posts, stop signs, trees, etc) to do intervals. I put running in quotations because my run is probably someone else’s fast pace walk. But it still counts to me… it’s faster than my walk… so it’s running. Lol. I finished my route in 58 minutes which is like 16 minutes and some change per mile. Much faster than my 22 min mile pace. I did find that I needed my inhaler when I got home. Definitely taking that with me next time.

After I get cleared on Thursday, I plan on adding running more often into my routine. I am planning on training with some friends of mine so that I can do it properly and hopefully learn to love it (I roll my eyes as I say this last part). They ensure me that it is enjoyable and relaxing. Apparently they’ve never been as out of shape as I am or had asthma. Lol. But we shall see. 🙂

Use this as scary motivation. If this doesn’t freak you out, I don’t know what will. So creepy.



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