Medically Cleared and Weird Smells?

Today I went for my 7 week check-up with my surgeon. He told me that I was losing at a great pace (though I feel it’s pretty slow) and that I am officially medically cleared to do any type of physical activity my heart desires for exercise. Woohoo. I’m excited for this but at the same time, nervous. I am nervous to start running again because I’ve spent my whole life hating it. It’s never been easy for me and I’m afraid I’m going to feel the same way. I know it’s all mental but how do you get past that? If you know anything that helps psych you out of disliking an activity, please let me know in the comments area!

So next week I plan on starting C25K and One Hundred Push Ups exercise routines. Gotta start getting ready for the 5k season… and an impending zombie apocalypse. Hey, you never know!

Another thing I talked to my surgeon about, which is kind of gross… If you don’t want to hear about bodily smells stop reading now. Ok… so I warned you. Lol. I asked my surgeon if it’s normal to have stronger smelling sweat and pee post op. I’ve been noticing that it’s stronger than normal. At first I thought I was just dehydrated and that can make it like that. But then it has been happening for a week or two now. Gross, I know. But my surgeon said that all of the vitamins and medications I’m on are introducing a lot more chemicals into my body than normal. This could be the cause of the smells. I was like great, this is going to smell funky for the rest of my life then since I have to take these vitamins forever… and he said NO! After a few months, I can go to taking Centrum One A Day vitamins (but twice a day). I am so happy to hear that for both the smell purposes and to save money because they are much cheaper. At my next appointment in June, I’m going to see if I can switch then.



4 thoughts on “Medically Cleared and Weird Smells?

    • Right now I take Nutrametrix Multivitamin (one capful in the morning) mixed with one capful of the Nutrametrix Calcium. Then I take a Bariatric Advantage iron chew during the day (which I love – it’s like candy). Then at night I take 2 more capfuls of Nutrametrix Calcium. The Nutrametrix stuff is powder you mix with a little bit of water and drink.

      • Crazy! I take two centrum chewables, one sublingual b12 500mcg, and two prilosecs per day. They aren’t going to make me take my calcium for a few weeks still.

  1. I am on a regimen of Bariatric Advantage vitamins and have noticed no odd smells from it. In fact, when I sweat, I don’t smell that either like I used to. I hope it goes away soon!

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