OMG OMG OMG!!! Who’s doing a HALF MARATHON??? This girl right here!

OMG! Ok. I’m so stoked and so scared at the same time!!! My friend Christy and I just signed up for the Disney Avengers Half Marathon!!!

Here’s the deets…
Sunday, November 16, 2014 5:30 a.m. in Disneyland, California

Eeekkkk! I’ve never been to Disneyland or run that far in my life. I’m not sure what I’m more excited about right now! ๐Ÿ™‚

Training plans are underway… My next race is the Arbutus 5k Spring Fling then my first 10k (Sole of the City in Baltimore). Looks like this girl needs to hit the pavement!

Who’s my fav Avenger, you ask… Why, it’s Captain America, of course!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Disney Avengers Half Marathon Image
Disney Avengers Half Marathon Image



I’ve just added a new page that lists all my upcoming races and the one (Shamrock 5k) I just finished. Check it out! If you are in the area and want to join me, let me know! The running family is always accepting new members. Hehe.

Click here for my race list!

Happy St. Patty’s Day! One year surgaversary!

Hey guys! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am the worst blogger in the whole world. Lol. I need to find to time to write more. I have been epic-ly busy: working two jobs, going to school, attempting to run, and having a social life. It’s great but exhausting! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wanted to give you a long post of what’s been going on since I last wrote a real post (like in July) but so much has happened… so I’ll just do a quick recap!

Weight loss

Weight loss has slowed/stalled drastically. This is a mixture of me not following the protein/water restrictions but it’s still going down… just very slowly. I’m working on getting my butt back into gear. Today’s weigh-in is slightly less than it should be because I’m extremely dehydrated… so really, it should be a little closer to 167ish. I did the 5 day pouch test 2 months ago and it was very helpful and hard at the same time. But then a lot of stressful things happened (just being overly busy) and I got back out of the protein counting and tracking. Going to attempt to do the pouch test again next week.

Highest Weight (Jan 3, 2013): 251.6 lbs

Day of Surgery (Mar 6, 2013): 231.5 lbs

One Year and 11 days Post-Op (Mar 17, 2014): 166.2 lbs

Total Loss: 85.4

Sometimes I don’t feel the difference… I still have pudgy tummy and all that jazz but comparing pics from the start until now, it gets me very emotional. I feel a million times better than this time last year. Overall, I’ve made many better choices than before. I’m healthy now and can do so many things that I couldn’t this time last year. I am grateful every day for Dr. Singh (my surgeon) and the second chance this surgery has given me at life. I still have about 17 lbs to go for my personal goal (150 lbs)… and about 37 lbs to goal for my “healthy range”/surgeon’s goal (130 lbs).

One Year Surgaversary


Race  Bibs Start 2014Exercise, I’ve actually been doing really good at. I have signed up for a lot of races for 2014 to keep myself on track. I have also started a run-walk 10k program found on Coach Jenny Hadfield’s website. She has a bunch of different programs for varying race distances and for runners of all kinds (even people who never run before). It’s really great.

My goal this year is to fill my entire closet door up with race bibs! Do you think I can do it? I hope so. I have planned for about 18 or so races this year. Working my way up to a half marathon (which I’m super scared of)!!! But with lots of motivation and practice, I hope I will make it there.

I just did my first 5k of the year. The Kelly Shamrock 5k in Baltimore with my friends Christy and Brian. We had a lot of fun even though it was very cold (low 40’s). Thanks to the two of them for running at a slower pace with me and pushing me (they are both excellent runners), I was able to achieve a Personal Record (PR)! I finished in 35:59. Never in my life did I think I’d be able to do that. It’s very exciting!

ShamrockRun_01 ShamrockRun_02

I will post my race schedule when I have some more free time. Going to have dinner and hang out!! ๐Ÿ™‚ We got a snow day today which means both my jobs are closed. Woot! Gonna enjoy it.

Personal Life

Things have been going good. Started working a second job to pay off some of these stinking student loans and to save for a house. So, I’m working 60 hrs a week. Fun stuff. I also decided to take a class at school… not sure why. I must be crazy. I’ve been doing lots of fun things with my friends and family. This weekend coming up we are going to an 80’s cover band concert where everyone dresses up. It’s going to be lots of fun.

I can eat anything now… nothing holding me back from being a normal person in front of others and skipping out on certain places because of food or getting sick anymore. That was bad last year. Thank goodness it didn’t last forever.

Life is good! ๐Ÿ™‚

Medically Cleared and Weird Smells?

Today I went for my 7 week check-up with my surgeon. He told me that I was losing at a great pace (though I feel it’s pretty slow) and that I am officially medically cleared to do any type of physical activity my heart desires for exercise. Woohoo. I’m excited for this but at the same time, nervous. I am nervous to start running again because I’ve spent my whole life hating it. It’s never been easy for me and I’m afraid I’m going to feel the same way. I know it’s all mental but how do you get past that? If you know anything that helps psych you out of disliking an activity, please let me know in the comments area!

So next week I plan on starting C25K and One Hundred Push Ups exercise routines. Gotta start getting ready for the 5k season… and an impending zombie apocalypse. Hey, you never know!

Another thing I talked to my surgeon about, which is kind of gross… If you don’t want to hear about bodily smells stop reading now. Ok… so I warned you. Lol. I asked my surgeon if it’s normal to have stronger smelling sweat and pee post op. I’ve been noticing that it’s stronger than normal. At first I thought I was just dehydrated and that can make it like that. But then it has been happening for a week or two now. Gross, I know. But my surgeon said that all of the vitamins and medications I’m on are introducing a lot more chemicals into my body than normal. This could be the cause of the smells. I was like great, this is going to smell funky for the rest of my life then since I have to take these vitamins forever… and he said NO! After a few months, I can go to taking Centrum One A Day vitamins (but twice a day). I am so happy to hear that for both the smell purposes and to save money because they are much cheaper. At my next appointment in June, I’m going to see if I can switch then.


Week 7: Weigh In Wednesday

Highest Weight (Jan 3, 2013): 251.6 lbs

Day of Surgery (Mar 6, 2013): 231.5 lbs

Seven Weeks Post-Op (Apr 24, 2013): 206.4 lbs

Total loss of: 45.2 lbs

This week has been an exciting and great week for me. First off, my best friend Sarah K. had a beautiful baby girl on Saturday, April 20. She is just so beautiful and sweet and perfect. I am so happy for Sarah and her husband Rob. They deserve all the happiness in the world!

Second good thing is my amazing weight loss this week. I lost exactly 4 lbs which is HUGE for me. I was so shocked, especially since I have not had the time to walk as much. I’m thrilled with that number. I hope I can keep it up. I am the lowest I’ve been since right after high school. Probably around 2005 (I graduated in 2004). And I am so close to Onderland, I can smell victory! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m hoping by week 8 I reach it.

And the third thing… Tomorrow I go for my 7 week check up to see if I am cleared to do more exercises than just walk. I’m sure I’ll be ok. I ran a little the other day and was so proud of myself but this spring time allergy season is killing me. I may have to take my runs in doors until the pollen season has died down.

Oh yea! I went to target and bought a zip-up athletic jacket/shirt and it was in a size LARGE!!! Holy cow! Never did I think I’d see that size again in my adult life. Eeeek! I’m so excited.

Motivational Monday โ€“ 4/22/2013

This Motivational Monday couldn’t have come at a better time. A little while ago, a friend of mine posted this on my Facebook page. I thought it was great and have to share it.


I am still waiting for my 7 week check up (that’s this Thursday) but I have started “running” a little. Yesterday I wanted to visit my friend in the hospital. She had her little baby girl but wanted to get my walk in beforehand.

I did my normal 3.5 mile loop around the neighborhood and park but was trying to finish it a little faster than normal. I added a little “running” using geographical markers (like light posts, stop signs, trees, etc) to do intervals. I put running in quotations because my run is probably someone else’s fast pace walk. But it still counts to me… it’s faster than my walk… so it’s running. Lol. I finished my route in 58 minutes which is like 16 minutes and some change per mile. Much faster than my 22 min mile pace. I did find that I needed my inhaler when I got home. Definitely taking that with me next time.

After I get cleared on Thursday, I plan on adding running more often into my routine. I am planning on training with some friends of mine so that I can do it properly and hopefully learn to love it (I roll my eyes as I say this last part). They ensure me that it is enjoyable and relaxing. Apparently they’ve never been as out of shape as I am or had asthma. Lol. But we shall see. ๐Ÿ™‚

Use this as scary motivation. If this doesn’t freak you out, I don’t know what will. So creepy.


Week 6: Weigh In Wednesday

Sorry for missing Motivational Monday this week. I guess I haven’t been really motivated the past few days. Not that I haven’t done everything the way I’m supposed to but I’ve just been so darn tired. I have terrible allergies which also cause my asthma to act up. When I was little, my grandmother made a necklace out of my inhaler that I wore all the time so I wouldn’t lose it. That sure helped me make a lot of friends. Lol. I’ve tried shots, Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec, nasal spray, and a bunch of other things. The only thing that helps me is Benadryl… which also puts me into a walking coma or a zombie-like state. I’m awake and can process things but it just takes me longer and I don’t have much energy to do anything else. The past 3-4 days the pollen has started to cover everything and I had to start taking Benadryl. Not fun. After it hits me, if I stay still long enough, I’ll fall asleep. That’s what has happened the past few nights. I was writing a grocery list, fell asleep. Sitting on my bed watching tv a few minutes before going to take my meds… fell asleep. I wish I could hibernate through this entire season. I pretty much do anyways. Lol. So that’s where I’ve been.

With all that being said, I did still walk a lot. I’m trying to get in 3-6 miles each time I walk. You can track my activity on my FitBit profile. Friend request me! I have my 7 week check up next Thursday to see if I am medically cleared to do other activities. I cannot wait!

Anywho… Who is excited to see my numbers today?!?!?!? I AM!

Highest Weight (Jan 3, 2013): 251.6 lbs

Day of Surgery (Mar 6, 2013): 231.5 lbs

Six Weeks Post-Op (Apr 17, 2013): 210.4 lbs

Total loss of: 41.2 lbs

I made it to 40 lbs lost! Next mini-goal, 50!

I don’t know if it is the increase in miles walked, the amount of protein I’m getting in (increased to 70g/day minimum), or because I started taking my Metformin again but I lost 3.9 lbs this week! Hooray! I hope it keeps going like that.

I forgot to mention the semi-prank a friend played on me. I was on one of my long walks the other day and my friend Katie called me and told me there was a clown walking around outside in the neighborhood. Now, if you know me, I am terrified of clowns (I blame it on Stephen King’s It). It was a nice day and everyone was out having picnics and cookouts so I thought it could be a legit clown that is working some kids party. I was so scared. I walked the fastest pace I’ve ever walked that walk… Avg of 17:34 per mile. Lol. Then Katie, Sarah, and Andy met me and walked around the park with me. ๐Ÿ™‚