Motivational Monday – 3/18/2013

Today is another glorious Motivational Monday. Being off work, I actually almost forgot it was Monday. Oops. But here it is.

Little Steps

When many of us get out of the hospital, it feels like we should already have a huge chunk of this weight lost. We may feel it should just disappear after this challenging surgery we just had… not to mention the not-so-pleasant recovery. Many people get emotional and some may even regret their decision since they are not seeing immediate results. Those people probably went in this surgery thinking it was the easy way out and that they will not have to work very hard to lose the weight. But they were wrong to think that.

Surgery is a TOOL… NOT a quick fix!

It’s all about the little steps we take that make up the bigger picture. NERD ALERT >>> For those Lord of the Rings fans out there, think of it like this… Frodo wouldn’t of had an epic journey and reach Mordor without taking little steps at a time. Some parts were easy (mostly in the beginning) but as the journey progressed, the harder the obstacles became. But no matter what, Frodo kept going and made it to Mount Doom to destroy the ring. Well we are on our own epic journey… except instead of destroying the One Ring, our journey is to destroy our fat. Like Frodo, we will hit many obstacles… especially when we get closer to our goal. But we MUST carry on and not lose sight of our destination.

However, if you think of just the finish line, your journey may seem too big and you may become unmotivated. The key is to focus on these little steps and make little goals to accomplish along the way to keep yourself on track and motivated. If you have friends or family that are trying to become healthy make contests and challenge each other to make it more fun.

Our first step is surgery… the next will be making the right food choices… followed by being active in whatever way we enjoy. So, GO out and conquer those little steps! You will be at the finish line before you know it! 🙂